Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Bricking It

Today I've been working on creating a sample for the brickwork of the outbuilding of my model. I need to make the surface look quite aged and weathered. I have so far experimented with covering wood with car body filler and then scoring the brickwork pattern into it. I think the result of this is effective however it is a time consuming process. I would like to try experimenting with a few other techniques. I might attempt laser cutting the brickwork pattern into acrylic and using filler to give it the texture of brick.

Cut out the problem of this method being too time consuming by making a silicone mould of the master, which picks up the small detail well. I have since experimented casting this panels of brick in fast cast and car body filler slush. Both work well however the fast cast is quicker to mix up and doesn't take as long to set, therefore I think this is the best method to use. I've tried pigmenting the fast cast in different colours so I have a base colour to begin with, however unless I can replicate the colour well enough there may be continuity issues. Over the top of the brick I'm dry brushing with acrylic paint to try and create the weathered look I need. NOTE: Try not to make the brick colour too intense, remember lighthouse tower is lighter in colour.

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