Sunday, 26 October 2008

Half Way Point Update

At this point I have five weeks left until my project deadline. Unfortunately for the last couple of days there has been a bit of a lul in proceedings as I have been unwell. Up to this point however and since my last post I have started constructing the outbuilding, finished off my lathing work of the top components of the lighthouse and I have also started creating the brickwork pattern to be used on the lighthouse itself.
  • Outbuilding: I have decided to make this out of thin MDF and clad it with resin casts of the brickwork pattern I moulded in silicone. I'm cutting out the required shapes of the windows and door and will slot these into place last.
  • Lathing top features of Lighthouse: I lathed the dome at the top and the balcony of the lighthouse in grey chemi-wood. It's actually been my first time working in chemiwood and it was a nice material to use on the lathe and can be finished to a quite high standard. NOTE: When sticking pieces of chemi-wood together to use on the lathe DO NOT use pva glue use superglue.
  • Lighthouse Brickwork pattern: For the main body of the lighthouse I want to show the texture of brickwork. I don't want the pattern to look too obvious so I'll try some samples of rendering over the top of it. To transfer a brick pattern onto the MDF cone I have so far, I'm sculpting it flat into carbody filler and moulding it in silicone. I'll then use the silicone as a texture mat to imprint the pattern into a thin layer of car body filler that I'll cover the cone in. Once I have this imprint I can get on and make a fibreglass mould of the lighthouse, which is the next big step I need to take on the project.

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