Tuesday, 2 December 2008


Here's a photograph of my lighthouse model that I have altered on photoshop. I'm experiementing at this point to see what works best and how I can put my lighthouse into a scene to make it look as realistic as possible.


tech said...

Hi Sophie hope you had a good night and enjoyed the new blades show. Really did like your light house.
Dan Rutter

Cecca said...

I saw the degree show and thought your lighthouse and robot were really beautifully done. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Wow this is really great! i thought maybe you could try to darken the lighthouse so it wouldn't stand out with the dark backround. you could even try to dull the lighthouse slightly so it would look like its further away. Do you think this might work?

Aravind.J said...

Hi, I just found your blog searching for miniature models. The lighthouse looks great!! Very interesting to see the whole process of your work in detailing the lighthouse. So much of planning from the client brief.. Great!!