Sunday, 30 November 2008


The project is officially over now and I've spent the past week since my last post putting the model all together and particularly working on the surrounding landscape and rocks of the baseboard. I used the plaster covered foam for big rocks and painted up gravel stones for medium sized rocks. The rest of the lanscape consists of sand and scenic scatter (that you can get from model shops) that I put on with PVA glue.

I intend to photoshop some of the photographs I have taken of it into an environment that will hopefully make my miniature look as realistic as possible.


Set Designer said...

Nice work! I like your blogs as well.

McTodd said...

I just found this blog (and your other one) and feel compelled to congratulate you on your fine work!

I hope you continue with more in the same vein - I'm of to look at your other blog and website now...