Thursday, 6 November 2008

Back on Track

Today I finished creating the brickwork effect on my lighthouse. Unfortunately as I lost a week out from being ill on this project I am not going to have the time to mould and cast my lighthouse so I will be using the MDF master. This will add quite a bit of weight to the baseboard so for practical reasons I'm going to hopefully leave the lighthouse so that it is detatchable from the base. I have also had to dremel out spaces for the window. As the windows are going to be butted up against solid MDF I'm going to have to back spray the window panes.

Despite losing a week of the making process last week I've felt on track up until that point I took time off and taking the moulding and casting of the lighthouse out of the equation hopefully means that if I continue to work steadily as I have done I'll still make the deadline for this project.

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